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Oct 16

It’s happening!


We have been shooting for three days now and I have never been so tired in my life! Michael Winner once said that the most difficult part of making a film is staying awake for six weeks. I remember laughing when I heard that but now I understand what he meant. Our shoot is only …

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Sep 29


Mum & Dave Reynolds

My Mother is an inspiration. In an era when playgrounds are considered health risks and parents are encouraged to keep their children wrapped in cotton wool I am so grateful to have been brought up by a woman who believes that life is about seeking adventure not security. As a child growing up in the …

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Sep 23



The fact that I haven’t written a blog post for some time might suggest that nothing much has been happening on the film front. The truth is the exact opposite. After we shot the teaser-trailer last year I wrote about how lonely it felt once the filming had finished and all the crew had gone …

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Aug 08

Herding cats!

more cats

I am now beginning to understand why producing is described as herding cats! We have been trying to pin down the dates for the shoot – we had originally wanted to start at the end of August – for weeks and every time we have been about to make an announcement something has happened to …

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