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May 19

Fabulous Cannes


I’m home from Cannes but I haven’t quite got back in touch with reality yet.

Britain may have dazzled the world with the pomp and ceremony of the royal wedding but when it comes to pure glamour the French are unbeatable. After a week surrounded by stretch limos, immaculate yachts and stunning designer fashions sparkling under the mediterranean sun it’s quite a wrench to return to our loveable but moist little island.

You can see me in the photo on the Pinewood yacht with the guys from Realm Pictures and Ram from MotionSoundPro who is a fabulous composer and the most energetic networker I have ever met!

The highlight of my week had to be rubbing shoulders – literally – with Gareth Unwin, the producer of The King’s Speech. Who knows, maybe a little of his stardust floated in my direction!

Happily, I have returned with a fistful of business cards gathered from some amazing people, including Sales Agents and Distributers.

Now all I have to do is get to work and follow up the leads. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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