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May 08

The waiting is almost over.

The last few weeks have been a strange combination of activity and frustration.

We have been gearing up for a fundraising campaign as well as planning ahead for the main shoot in August so a lot of time has been spent sitting at a desk working on projections and cashflows.

All essential stuff but just a little bit dull.

But now, things are about to get a lot more exciting!

In a couple of days time we will be launching our campaign – and asking for your help to spread the word – and then we’re off to Cannes to talk to potential distributers and sales agents.

As soon as we get back we will be into the serious work of building sets, holding auditions and generally rushing around getting everything ready for the shoot.

In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion we will soon be looking back on the last weeks and thinking how lovely and peaceful they were.



  1. Emerald

    Wow! Look so exciting! I am going to put some links out on some forums etc I am affiliated with to get the word out for you… Good luck! :) Love and Light! Emerald x

    1. diana

      Thanks so much Emerald. We really appreciate your help in spreading the word :-)

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