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Mar 30

Shooting Dates

Sometimes in life you have to take a gamble.

For months I’ve been beavering away working on business plans and financial projection and talking to prospective investors who have liked Deadly Intent but have been wary of investing in a film without a male lead, or have been uncertain of the implications of the current financial climate, or have…. you know what I’m saying.

It’s tough out there.

It’s not just the film industry it’s a difficult time to be starting any new business but if we all gave up the country would be in an even worse state than it is now.

I am sure that if we persevere we will find the investment we need for Deadly Intent but the problem is that we need to set a timetable. One of the main characters is a child and that means filming during the summer holidays.

If we wait until we know we have finance we may not have enough time to build sets and prepare everything we need.

But if we go ahead anyway our efforts may be wasted if we can’t find enough finance.

As I said – sometimes you have to take a gamble.

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